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This is just ridiculous. I really don’t practice the way of my sister’s studying (or my mom’s?). Since I was a little child, I always had to do my homeworks on my own. I spent hours with thinking about them If I didn’t understand something and my parents let me to figure it out on my own. Sure they helped me if I really needed their help, but God, I was 6 or 7 years old. I just have to do everything on my own for my whole life (and no, I’m not saying nobody never helped me). But THIS?! My sister is almost 10 years old, she’s in the fourth grade on the elementary school and my mom has to help her with her homeworks every day. Well, actually she doesn’t have do, but I think she wants to because it’s simply..faster. I guess my sister is too lazy to think or I don’t know how to say it, since she knows that there’s always someone else who solves her homeworks in the end instead of her. And now (not only now, it already happened for many times actually) she said she has a homework from english. My mom can’t speak english and she asked me to help her with the homework. I was like “sure, what’s the problem? Just let me finish my work and I’ll help her”. Then I heard “Fill have or has.” I was like yea, that’s simple, she will figure it out, she just probably forgot it. But she was just sitting by the table and she looked like she didn’t give a shit about it at all. So I asked her if she got it. She surely said that no. I just nodded and told her to take her book and read it in the book, because the only thing I’ve been learning from are books plus books are basically made for learning from them. So she took it, but then she was like “there’s nothing.”. I took the book and showed her a box on one page with a text and told her to read it (there was the rule). She said she still doesn’t understand and my mother started being like “oh my god, you’re so ridiculous! You just couldn’t simply tell her what to do with it, right?! You always have to make things complicated!”.That was the moment where I doubt about my sister’s intelligence (since my mom said it’s COMPLICATED) because she had to be total idiot to not get it (I told you she’s just lazy..). Well, so I still tried to keep calm and said “You know you put “s” sometimes into verbs, so now try to find the differnce between has and have. What do you think?” and now my mother was already too much pissed off, because JESUS, I WANTED MY SISTER TO THINK! Well, I lost my nerves and told her what to do with it. But they were already both too upset that they closed the workbook and walked away, yelling at me how weird I am, how hilarious I am and how selfish I am (because I probably think about myself that I am the most clever person in the entire world or what?!). Then I only said I only don’t practise a “method of studying for idiots.”.

Sorry if it’s confusing and if it doesn’t make any sense. I always write bullshits when I feel like that and I only need to get it out of my chest because I feel like the world goes totally crazy.

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Track Title: Turn Your Face

Artist: Little Mix

Album: DNA


Somehow I’m in love with this car!


Somehow I’m in love with this car!

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Track Title: Sometimes

Artist: Blitz Kids

Album: The Good Youth

Track Title: Run For Cover

Artist: Blitz Kids

Track Title: Never Die

Artist: Blitz Kids

Album: Never Die


Track Title: Here's To Us

Artist: Halestorm

Album: The Strange Case Of...

Here’s to us, here’s to love

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"What do you do in your free time?" "Well, I don’t have any, bitch."

"What do you do in your free time?" 
"Well, I don’t have any, bitch."